Acupuncture & Skin Care Clinic


Stress and Body Detoxification

December 6, 2017
Wednesday, 10:30- 12:00 P.M

Location: Acupncture & Skin Care Clinic 725 W. Granada Blvd., suite 15, Ormond Beach 32174

The benefits of Functional Nutrition focusing on the areas of systemic stress and body detoxification for everyday busy professionals. Topics discussed will include what is stress and how the body perceives it? And in turn how it reacts to it? Looking closer at biochemical individuality and how this is a determining factor on how we react differently to stress. Give an overview on both genetic (What you were born with) and epigenetic (How environment effects your genetic expression) susceptibility to stress and poor detoxification. Finally how this presents in everyday symptoms that inhibit wellness and how you can make substantial long term changes to how you feel each day with diet and lifestyle changes.

Present by: Bridget Rowbatham Bergens, CPHWC, CFSP, OTR/L
Lorenzo Phan, DOM, AP