Acupuncture & Skin Care Clinic

Chiropractic Care in Ormond Beach, FL

Acupuncture & Skin Care has been providing chiropractic care for patients in our Ormond Beach, FL clinic for over ten years. Under the care of Dr. Lorenzo Tien Phan, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM) and an Acupuncture Physician (A.P.), the clinic provides specialized and effective treatments, including acupuncture, physical therapy and massage therapy to provide relief for patients with a variety of conditions such as neck and back pain, sciatica and migraines and arthritis, to name a few.


Many of our patients seeking chiropractic care in Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach and Port Orange have felt relief with acupuncture. Originating in China over 2,500 years ago, Acupuncture involves injecting thin needles into various pressure points of the body to correct the imbalance of Qi and improve energy flow. According to oriental medicine, the human body has more than 2000 pressure points that are connected by meridians or pathways which create an energy flow known as Qi. Despite the use of needles acupuncture is virtually painless and is actually a soothing experience. It is believed that the stimulation of the nervous system is what causes the soothing effect. The stimulation also triggers the release of chemicals into the brain, spinal cord, and muscles to reduce pain and create a sense of well being.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy has been successful in reducing pain and increasing functionality in patients with chronic back and lower back pain and joint pain. Physical therapy consists of one or more active and passive forms of treatment including deep tissue massage, hot and cold treatments, electrical nerve stimulation and exercises. During the passive treatment, the therapist will provide holistic therapies to relax your body. As the body continues to heal, patients are introduced into more active treatments which focus on strengthening your body and preventing a recurring problem. The specific type of physical therapy is based on the patient’s condition and how well they respond to treatment.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can provide substantial pain relief and healing for individuals struggling with back pain, muscle strain or tension. This involves isolating and rejuvenating the primary muscles that may be responsible for the pain. If you strain either the gluteus medius or the quadratus lumborum muscles, for example, you may find yourself suffering from chronic back pain. By targeting the muscles that your therapist identifies as troublesome, you will soon experience pain relief. Message therapy is one of the many specialized treatments that we offer to patients seeking chiropractic care in our clinic in Ormond Beach, FL which is also convenient for anyone residing or working in Daytona Beach and Port Orange.

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